Episode 10

010 What Is Peak Performance | Live episode from Field Trip with Steph Jeavons & Chris Mooney

010 What Is Peak Performance | Live episode from Field Trip with Steph Jeavons & Chris Mooney

What is the secret to achieving peak performance?

Is it mindset? Good habits? or is it just sheer brute force & ignorance?

Well, I decided to take a deep dive into understanding, what is peak performance and how can we achieve it.

This episode is a live recording which was recorded at Field Trip online on November 4th 2020. I was invited to the session by Sarah Rudder (Episode 2) & Jon Bartlett to host this live episode, to truly understand what is peak performance.

Joining me in the live panel discussion is Steph Jeavons & Chris Mooney. Steph Jeavons is the first brit to circumnavigate the globe on a motorcycle and visit all 7 continents. Chris Mooney is a mindset & resilience coach. Chris works with people to help them switch off their autopilot responses to develop their mindset and resilience for life’s challenges at home and at work

This is a really fun episode and both Steph & Chris provide some amazing value and top tips to help you achieve peak performance.

As this episode was recorded live, you can also watch the full video conversation on YouTube. Click here to watch.

In this episode, we unlock...

  • How Steph achieved such an amazing feat and what pushed her to achieve peak performance
  • What habits are required to achieve peak performance?
  • Resilience techniques to deal with challenges
  • And top tips to help you achieve peak performance in your business or life.

Resources from the show

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Chris's FREE PDF 10 top tips to resilience here : Click here

Chris's website : Click Here

Field Trip Online : Click Here

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